INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #027 | Page 16


Remi Wolf “Michael”

The Palo Alto singer-songwriter is making a lane for herself in the indiesphere with her appealing funky pop that bursts with color yet always has something interesting to say. This new cut, despite not being included on her 2021 full-length debut “Juno,” is my favorite from this crop of songs, with a great hook, charisma, and chill slacker beat.

Rammstein “Zeit”

German metal stalwarts Rammstein are back with their eighth studio album. Although not reinventing the wheel, this take on their brand of high-drama, explosive rock is just as fresh and creative as they’ve ever sounded, and this lead single from the record commands attention with a brooding build and Till Lindemann’s ruminating yet always intense vocals. I’ll be at their Philly show this summer!

Spiritualized “The A Song (Laid In Your Arms)"

The famed English space rock group returns with a new offering that builds upon the legacy of the neo-psychedelia dynasty that Spiritualized has continued from Jason Pierce’s Spacemen 3. With walls of sound dense enough to satisfy any sonic palate, some manic tension and release distortion, and a great vocal delivery by Pierce, The A Song is my favorite cut from the LP.

In addition to running social media for I.A., Joey Letcher is an avid music lover here to share some tracks you ought to know about!