INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #027 | Page 4

The saga of the broken foot continues as I'll be having surgery to repair my broken calcaneus. This means once again I have dipped into the archives for our cover story. The tie in comes in as I revisit the conversation with Elliot Segal, host of the self-syndicated “Elliot in the Morning” program. A ittle over a month ago, it was announced that Elliot would be returning to the nation’s No. 1 radio market as Audacy added the Radio Hall of Famer to “Alt 92.3” WNYL. Segal, who was Elvis Duran’s co-host in the 1990s before heading to “DC101” WWDC, where he has been anchoring mornings since 1999 let's loose in this interview about his career. It came as part of I.A.'s radio Hall of Fame series last October and was the second issue we ever published of this fine magazine. I'll probably dig intot he archives for one more feature next week as I will be recovering from surgery over the holiday weekend. After that, I have some new interviews already lined up and it will be back to business as usual. So fear not my trusty readers! The road to recovery will be long but will not hold me down!

It was good to see both Matt Cameron and Chad Smith denounce their involvement in the shameless hit piece published by Rolling Stone about the passing of Taylor Hawkins. As I read the article, with it's many "requests for comments by Foo Fighters/Silva were not returned," all I could think was why would anyone take the time to throw shade on the passing of Hawkins. It was a crap article by a magazine that has become increasingly irrelevant over the years. So, good for the two legendary drummers to issue statements correcting their involvement in the piece.


By Michael Parrish