INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #027 - Page 13

O.A.R. "In The Clouds"

(The Orchard)

Of A Revolution is a band that for

20+ years now has never quite fit at

Alternative, or AAA, or even the jam

band world. They kinda mix all of

these and have built a serious

groundswell following across numerous studio LPs and live releases. For The Summit, their roots at Ohio State (Columbus) and in Youngstown have always made them a regional favorite. This song is a memorable catchy anthem and recalls the early hits by Train in a surprising manner that you might not expect. Don't miss this one.


Art d'Ecco "Only Ones"

(Paper Bag)

One of the most buzzed-about live

performances from the recent

NoncommVention conference at

WXPN/Philadelphia was Canada's

Art d'Ecco. Hailing from British

Columbia, the '70s-androgynous glam rock sounds recall David Bowie and T.Rex, with a look and tempo that is very welcome for summertime. There are two previous LP's and a forthcoming full-length that is sure to bring this emerging artist to the next steps of awareness and development.

Brad Savage grew up listening to great radio in the Twin Cities. He got his programming

idealism at REV105 and Cities 97 before moving to WCNR/Charlottesville, VA. In 2015 he joined WAPS "The Summit" in Akron-Canton-Youngstown-Athens, OH. With a slightly commercial ear, Savage is a voice of credibility in the Non Comm/Indie/Discovery community. He also programs WBDB-LP in Richmond, VA.