INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #037 - George Chase, Jr. - The Sublets - Page 29

Most fans appreciate that kind of behind-the-scenes look inside their favorite artists. Who would be your dream guests?

GCJ: I want to see Taylor Swift write a song from beginning to end. Elton John or Paul McCartney. There are so many musicians that I'd love to kind of get into their brain as they're writing. To sit with Paul McCartney as he gets into that process and talking about what he hears as he writes. Is it really as easy as he's always made it look? The idea is that the show adds a little bit of humanity to the songwriting process. There's no way I could write some of the great songs that my heroes have written, so what is it that makes them different? We're all artists doing the best we can writing songs. Sometimes they're great. Sometimes they're not. A show like this can pull back that curtain a bit as to the process.

MP: There's definitely some artists I would like to see do this with you so I could learn about their songwriting process.

GCJ: There's an aura of invincibility that some of our favorite artists. A show like this can pull back the curtain a little bit. I feel, in a lot of ways, this can be inspirational more than just entertaining. I want to take this as far as it can go. I would love to see this format continue with big names sitting down next to each other and writing a song in three hours. That could be a really fascinating documentary.

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