INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #043 - A Special Thanksgiving Issue with Corbin Dooley | Page 4

Even though it has been many years since our last conversation, I’ve always considered Corbin Dooley a friend. We met in the early days of Alternative when I was working in radio in New York City and Corbin was promoting records for EMI. As often happened during those days, we would hang out beyond the shows we attended. "I really enjoyed those times and I have a lot of really good memories socializing, hanging out and not only talking about the music, but talking about a whole bunch of other life stuff," says Dooley as we caught up before diving into a conversation about the music he has been making. As you will read, Dooley went on a personal journey of self discovery and mental healing while making his new album, Western Trauma, which he never intended to release. The process was meant to be a personal cleansing of a sorts from the many different things in Dooley's life that had been weighing on his soul. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all reach those points in life where self examination and a personal check in with your own well being is needed. We all handle it in different ways. Dooley made an album of music about his challenges. And now he has released it in hopes that his message

can help others. It's a noble undertaking and I give Corbin a huge amount of credit for laying his emotions out there on this album. So I thought it was an important message to amplify as we head into the holiday seasons where not everyone gets the joy of celebration as they face different emotional or financial challenges that prevent them from truly enjoying the holidays with friends and loved ones. Also, this isn't just about personal examination, if you know someone who may be down or letting the challenges of life get to them as we head into what is a tough time of year for many people, take the time to reach out and maybe you can be the difference in that person's life. Peace & Happy Thanksgiving!

Western Trauma album cover: to pair authentic imagery to the music, Corbin Dooley scoured his family photo archive, landing upon a picture he took of his mom, Jan Dooley, on their farm outside Collierville, Tennessee, in the mid 1980's. Feeling she wasn't "made up" enough to have her photo taken while training horses, Jan cast a sarcastic expression paired with a raised middle finger. “It was something she rarely did – and certainly never with me – so that made it extremely sarcastic. It was hilarious for both of us - and my dad belly laughed when he saw it!,” says Corbin. “I feel this photo epitomizes her strength of character, and gives clarity to the term "Western Trauma." We all have trauma; how do we cope – with love, or with hate? I choose love; and as much as my mom struggled, this photo signifies her journey, and mine, for this album.”


By Michael Parrish