INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #045 - Tom MacDonald | Page 19

It sounds weird, because if you watch a sad movie or hear a sad song, maybe you get a little misty-eyed because it's somebody else's work and it connects somewhere within you. I never ever get emotional about my own music, but this was the first time where I sat back and seriously got misty eyed when I listened. This is the best thing I've ever done and it was only possible because there's this person who I love so much.

MP: It has to be a great feeling when you can sit there and take stock of something and realize the value that it has to you. A lot of musicians and athletes talk about how sometimes they don't take the moment at hand and realize it for what it is until years later after the moment is gone.

TM: Absolutely.

MP: Let's shift gears, because you have this great song. It's ripe for radio and already starting to garner airplay, but some people may consider you as a controversial artist. Why?

TM: We live in a world now that's afraid of having unpopular opinions and a world that's afraid of being canceled or bullied or crucified or thought less of, because their points of view or ideas don't run parallel with the mainstream narrative or the popular narrative. Critical thinking and common sense have taken a backseat to a performative wokeness that most people participate in to keep themselves safe from ridicule. I don't care what people think about me. I'm interested in everybody's opinion. It doesn't matter if it's mainstream or how different the opinion or point of view is from mainstream. I enjoy interesting points of view and interesting perspectives. People are afraid of things that they don't understand and that are different from what they're used to. Change is difficult for people, and my music is different and it inspires change. It forces people to examine things about themselves and question things they believe in. And that scares the hell out of people. So instead of saying this guy is interesting or something that we need to pay attention to, they immediately label it controversial. They want to use the word controversial because there's a negative connotation and it allows people to dismiss things rather than force them to examine things about themselves and ideas that they have about life that might not be correct.