INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #045 - Tom MacDonald | Page 21

what's going on. I'm oblivious to the fact. We get in the ring and this guy starts stiffing me up pretty good. I told him a couple times he was swinging way too hard. And after I've mentioned this two or three times in the ring and he continues to beat the shit out of me, it dawns on me that I'm getting my ass kicked for real right now and I need to do something about it. I start firing back on this guy and it turns into a little bit of a scrap. At the finish of the matches, I go to the top rope to give this guy a frog splash. Before I do that, I pulled my knee pads down to my ankles to knee this guy in the head about 15 times. I pulled my knee pads down because I wanted him to know that I meant it. I was so jacked up though that I climbed to the top rope and forget that my knee pads are around my ankles. I do a frog splash from the top rope and crush all the cartilage in both my knees. I remember the ref counting to three, and then I rolled over onto my back and looked down at my legs and I could see both of my knees swelling to the size of grapefruit through my spandex. I took about eight months off to rehab. I went back in for probably about a year or two, but the politics of the business hadn't calmed down. I was getting hurt and my knees weren't good, so I backed out.

MP: The old timers didn't want a youngster coming in and telling them what to do, so they decided take you out.

TM: It’s the age old pro wrestling story, man. It's happened to the best of us.

~ END ~