INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #051 - Dropout Kings . Max Tolkoff | Page 7

Who is Doug Mackey?

Late in the 2016 Presidential race, Mackey posted memes designed to resemble Hillary Clinton campaign images and a message that people could vote by simply texting a phone number. Obviously a joke. Yet, even though the Biden DOJ can't prove one vote was lost because of the meme, Mackey is being charged with violating the Ku Klux Klan Act by systematically acting to strip Americans of their civil rights.

Why does Doug Mackey matter?

Obviously this is a First Amendement case, but to compound the complexities, the Biden DOJ is claiming its witness’s identity must be kept secret because he might face harassment on the Internet if it is revealed. Oh my! Ignoring the obvious Sixth Amendment violation, the ramifications of a meme maker being imprisoned for a satirical post will reverberate far and wide if Mackey is found guilty of a crime.

Discovery Mode = Streaming Payola?

Spotify's new Discovery Mode promises that when it is "turned on for a track, it increases the likelihood that songs reach listeners in locations where they are most open to discovery, currently Radio & Autoplay." Paying for a chance of better streams has independent artists wondering if the streaming platform is going the way of terrestrial radio and they will lose out to another pay for play scheme.

Beer, Bands & Basketball

The three Bs of SXSW are in full swing this week as the music industry and more descend on Austin, TX for the annual convention. Once an intimate gathering of music industry types to hang and watch bands, the NCAA basketball tournament and drink some Shiners in Austin has grown into a well-organized frat party that the jaded industry type would say is bloated and well past its prime.

Metallica: What supply chain issues?

With the demand for vinyl increasing, Metallica take matters into their own hands by acquiring a controlling stake in Furnace Record Pressing. Furnace has already partnered with Metallica, producing more than 5 million pieces of Metallica vinyl since 2014. The move will allow the band to meet “the massive demand for Metallica vinyl” and “better serve the needs of any and all vinyl lovers in the Metallica family.”