INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #055 - 30 Seconds To Mars + Max Talks Jocks. | Page 11

Tucker To Twitter

Twitter just became the most important media company in the world. Consider that since the departure of Tucker Carlson, more people have stopped watching Fox News prime time than continue to watch CNN and MSNBC combined. This is a monumental moment in the future of news media as Tucker - the most watched show in all of cable news - will only have greater reach - and on an unfiltered platform.

Skynet Prophecy Watch

It should be noted that Turing prize winner Geoffrey Hinton, a.k.a., the “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence,” has joined several other pioneers and notables from the tech industry in warning of the impacts of artificial intelligence. The 75-year old was partially responsible for the development of the AI tech that is used by the biggest companies in the tech industry. You think he might know something, right?

Copyright Kerfuffle

If you missed it recently, Winnie The Pooh is among hundreds of works that have expired copyright protections and have been made public domain. This means people can create their own works around the characters. While many argue copyrights should be protected in perpetuity, the Constitution only grants protection for “limited times.” Which means innocent characters can be twisted in many ways.

Blood and Money

The first defiling of Pooh came in the horror film Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, depicting the characters as cold-blooded killers who plot to murder Christopher Robin. Next is a series where Christopher Robin is a New Yorker “navigating his quarter-life crisis with the help of the weird talking animals who live beyond a drug-induced portal outside his derelict apartment complex, the Hundred Acres.”

The Rising Cost of Concerts

Don't expect concert ticket prices to go down any time soon. Live Nation execs see room for prices to rise, citing the secondary market as a reason why. “Average secondary ticket prices remain close to double that of a primary ticket, continuing to show the extent to which concerts and other live events remain priced below market value,” said Live Nation President/CFO Joe Berchtold.