INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #055 - 30 Seconds To Mars + Max Talks Jocks. | Page 12

You know what the definition of optimism is, right? A PD/MD/Jock who buys a house. If you’re not a sales person, bean counter, or manager, you’re fucked, unless you’re independently wealthy. The amount of self confidence, and 20/20 vision thru rose colored glasses YOU need is staggering. Especially if you’re a jock. As of today, all the people of Earth have been told disc jockeys are going the way of buggy whips (I wanted to say vinyl but that would invite letter bombs). Only faster. However, it ain’t true yet.

This “air talent replacement theory” IS scaring the shit out of people. The AI jock is already being rolled out, but I’m not worried about it. Or, I should say that I’m as worried about it as much as I was worried about Z-ROCK taking over the country. Which is to say; not worried. 

Look, pick any industry you want, anywhere on the planet. There are foundational elements to that industry without which the product, whatever it is, cannot be made, at which point there is no industry for… whatever it was.

Example: if you’re building airplanes, you need wings, ailerons, landing gear, propellers. These are foundational to a successful airplane manufacturing business. Now, let’s take that same thought and apply it to radio. What are the foundational elements to our business? Among other things, we need towers, transmitters, studios and equipment, and one other thing, which, if you’ve spent your career in this medium you understand on an instinctive level. This certainty is in your blood. That other thing? Air Talent.

“This “air talent replacement theory” IS scaring the shit out of people, though. The AI jock is already being rolled out.”

The story of Alternative radio can't be told without Max Tolkoff's name being invoked. He's programmed 91X in San Diego and WFNX in Boston. He's done a bunch of other stuff as well, but we're not sure if he wants that known. Hell, we're not even sure he wants to be writing this column, but we're thankful he is! Want to reach Max? click here!

GAG REFLEX with Max Tolkoff


Whoa pardner! These words you're about to read ain't so good for yer brain. Y’all gonna think some shit and it will make you afeared. But if yer a PD, ya gotta fix this.

"I don’t know why I’m talking to you guys; you have no power. I should be sending this to your bosses, but they won’t listen either."