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Air talent is the connective tissue to our broadcast body. Obviously, we need talkers for talk radio. But we need jocks for music stations, too. This is just common sense. Sure, you can voice track. It’s necessary sometimes. But it is usually done with the air talent at that station, talking about that station and providing local flavor. If you do it right.

But the [edited] running iHeart, Audacy et al, have destroyed the entire air talent eco system. Weekends? Decimated by cuts. Overnights? No one there. How the fuck are we supposed to train the Howard Sterns of the future?

Here, let me prove to you I’m not full of shit (which I should not have to do since my track record speaks for itself.)

Every year Jacobs Media does an extensive, and comprehensive survey of the latest trends in radio consumption, and the associated technologies. It’s critical yearly reading for programmers and managers.

Last week, Jacobs Media released the results of Techsurvey 2023 at the All Access Audio Summit.

Well, guess what? Radio is not dead. Especially to people who listen in cars. Why? Cuz it's as easy to use as a toaster. It’s free, simple, and local. Just push the button and adjust the volume.

This was one of the top-line results of Techsurvery 2023’s survey of listeners. And coming at a very strong number two: jocks. Yes, air talent. Hosts, curators, those who make you feel warm and fuzzy about your hometown.

See? I told you I wasn’t lying about the importance of jocks. What bothers me though, is that here you have very valid research data that is generally supposed to influence policy on, let’s call it “audience capture” (a very pro-active term). But every year it seems like managers ignore this data.

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"Grow your own. It's the only hope for you if you ever want to sleep again."

"If your station does well overall, your day parts will be similarly similar. Including mornings."

"If you're a PD and you don't know how to stand your ground when it counts, you're in the wrong gig."

“Weekends? Decimated by cuts. Overnights?

No one there.

How the fuck are we supposed to train the Howard Sterns of the future?”