INVISIBLE AIRWAVES Issue #055 - 30 Seconds To Mars + Max Talks Jocks. - Page 4

We spend a lot of time in this magazine discussing the macro level branding of music and radio on a genre level. Alternative vs. ALT. ALT vs. Triple A. Triple A vs. Non Comm. Non Comm vs. Music Discovery. Music Discovery vs. Specialty Shows. Active Rock vs. Itself. Honestly, who the fuck cares? All this debate does is feed a system that fuels the fire for impure activity at radio. Let's move on and start figuring out who is doing good radio and making a difference when it comes to music, local community and more.

"And the signs we must observe when life's changes do occur." - Kid Rock

I recently used those lyrics as a message to someone. It was actually a longer version, but for these purposes, let's focus on the message of people hitting crossroads in their lives. This person has a huge opportunity ahead of them, but was (still is?) close to blowing it, no matter how many people tried to open their eyes. Those lyrics come at the end of Kid Rock singing about all the great and fun things he has done in his life, yet had the wisdom to know when change was afoot to roll on to the next phase and conquer the next hill. A useful message to someone that has everyone telling them what they have been doing wrong. Want to make that go away? Then choose a path

that is best for yourself and do it for that reason, not because it is what you think people expect or want you to choose. For our purposes, that relates back to radio as we set up and adhere to these format panels and debate what stations belong where. I ask again... who cares? It's time to take a look at the building blocks. And you know what rhymes with blocks? Go read Max's column for the answer and to see where I.A. is headed next. I've been alluding to this for a while now and the issue we've been promoting on our back cover is very close to publication. That's it for now! Back next week with an interview with an artist that I played his debut radio single when I was a jock!


By Michael Parrish